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   October 2017 

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We partner with distributors to help our customers clean better, faster, and safer.

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Dear Readers;

Our subject this month is dedicated to the introduction of a new line of products that do more than just clean.

We refer to this new innovative technology as Multi-Shield.   Simply cleaning using a product with Multi-Shield leaves an invisible surface modification that reduces soil adhesion and creates a water sheeting action to prevent soil buildup. 

Multi-Shield means More than Clean!  Multi-Clean is proud to introduce 4 new innovative cleaning products that protect surfaces and make them easier to clean the next time.

The E-Spray Gun is a hit!  Learn more about the benefits of electrostatic spraying of disinfectants in the war against germs!  See below

Thanks for reading

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Smart Shine:  no more fog

IMG_4688Use Smart Shine to clean mirrors and windows that have a tendency to fog and voila!  No more fogging!

PHOTO:  Left side cleaned with Smartshine, the right with ordinary glass cleaner.

Multi-Shield - Sheeting Action


Products with Multi-Shield protection change the character of the cleaned surface at the molecular level.  Soiled solutions sheet off instead of beading up on surfaces.  The result, reduced soil adhesion, no water spots, and a surface that is easier to clean the next time.  

PHOTO:  Left side cleanign with SmartShine, the right with ordinary glass cleaner.

Everlast - attacks soap scum

MC Greene icon.
Soap Scum is that nasty film that sticks to the walls of tubs, showers and sinks.   Soap scum builds up on surfaces and is hard to remove.

Enter EVERLAST, a foaming, mild acid tub, tile and shower cleaner that not only removes soap scum, it helps prevent build up of soap scum making the surfaces easier to clean the next time.

New Packaging:  6 quarts per case

smartshineqrtcaseThis new attractive case packaging makes it easier for distributors to sell full cases.  All of the Multi-Shield products, SmarShine, Everlast, Eliminator III, and Dura-Bowl are available only in 6 pack cases.

Coming Soon! E-Spray Back Pack

InUsevictory3Learn more about electrostatic spraying of disinfectants with the E-Spray Gun.  Available now, it is the only battery powered electrostatic sprayer on the market validated to work with select disinfectants from Multi-Clean.  Next, a battery powered back version.


In this issue

 Multi-Shield Products

Smart Shine


Eliminator III




Using the E-Spray Gun



Got Spots? 
Smart Shine cleans mirrors, glass, granite, marble, quartz, stainless steel and  much more.  



Attack that scum!  Remove soap scum, body oils, and hard water spots quickly with Everlast foaming cleaning.

Technical Data Sheet


Eliminatorlll 2


Eliminator III is a spray and wipe cleaner and degreaser that removes greasy fingerprints, ball point ink, pencil, and other tough soils.


microcidetbqrt 3
Toilet Rings?  Prevent toilet bowl rings, remove uric acid deposits, and tbowl and urinal soils.  Safe for use on waterless urinals.  Controlled acidic product with pH greater than 2.

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