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Ware Wash / Laundry Division

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Professional Supply has made a long term commitment to the ware wash and laundry customers in the marketplace. By partnering with Crown Chemical as a chemical blender, and working closely with DEMA brand chemical injectors, we can provide both the chemistry and expertise to these areas of your business.

In laundry, we have the chemistry, to handle any type of linen you are washing. Whether you are a small bed and breakfast or assisted living provider, we have the programs to help in small home style users. If you are a hotel / motel or large healthcare, we have the equipment and expertise in the field to get you optimum results at the best costs possible. From the complexities of adult diapers and table linen, to the simplicity of bed sheets, we have what you need and the know how to get the quality you demand out of the wash wheel.

Our representatives have a broad knowledge of laundry wash wheels in all shapes and sizes, including tunnel washers. From 15 pound home styles to 1000 pound four pockets, and everything in between, we know the processors, and the process to keep your laundry producing stain free, proud to show off linen.

For your kitchens, we have the chemistry to make your ware shine in all water conditions. We have the service experience to keep your equipment working like new, offering sparkling, hygienically clean ware. In your kitchen we have the pre-soaks, pot and pan washes, third sink sanitizers, polishes and floor care products to make any job easier. Professional Supply has a broad line of chemicals to match any budget.

Our equipment is provided for you by Professional Supply. We carefully remove the competitors' equipment and install ours for your use. This is provided for our chemicals only, and designed to help us produce the costs and quality that we promise.

Mike Heimbach
Prior to getting into chemical sales, Mike Heimbach was a General and then a District manager for Rocky Rocco's. After Rocky's expansion, he went into sales and service.

Mike has been selling chemicals since October of 1988. Starting with Du Bois Chemicals, he worked for several large chemical companies selling laundry and ware wash programs. Companies such as Diversey Wyandott, Diversey Lever, Diversey Johnson, were all companies that provided excellent training in both the sales and service of ware wash and laundry programs. It was in this era that he learned how to sell and satisfy chain type businesses. Mike worked with many hotels at the corporate level and restaurants that required monthly follow ups in their home offices to review chemical programs.

In the late 1990's, Mike left Diversey and went to work for a company called Washing Systems Inc. out of Cincinnati, OH. This was a large nationwide manufacturer of industrial laundry products, selling specifically to the likes of Cintas, G&K Services, Alsco Linen, and other large uniform and linen plants. It was in this position, where he learned what really happens in the wash wheel, with fabric type, water make up, heat and chemistry. Mike also learned the importance of knowing the processors of each wash wheel. After 911, the company downsized and he went to work for Rochester Midland Corporation, targeting housekeeping supplies and where he could their Intek division, which made up industrial cleaning and processes. After that, he left them to open a bar and grill on Lake Winnebago.

Mike came to work for Professional Supply to head up their laundry and ware wash division, and help them grow this end of their business. He had always found the company a comfortable friendly place to call on. Due to his background in restaurant management, Mike has a good understanding of the day to day challenges most mid-level managers have to deal with. He knows that operating costs are always a priority, and knows the importance of partnering, rather than being just a vendor.

Mike is responsible for growing this division of the Professional Supply. While learning the nuances of this company, he is confident that customers will find Professional Supply has a service program that will exceed any competitor in the ware wash industry has to offer. We simply will produce what we promise.

Kevin comes to Professional Supply with a wealth of customer service skills.

He is working closely with Mike Heimbach, Professional Supply's ware wash and laundry specialist, who is teaching Kevin the proper skills in those niche markets. Furthermore he is working closely with the other half of our installation crew (Adam) and learning the proper techniques for installing the other paper, handsoaps, chemical dispensers, and any other equipment that may be provided or maintained by Professional Supply.

Ware Wash Van

Professional Supply has

  • knowledge of all dish machines from low temperature applications to complex conveyor machines
  • familiarity with all manufacturers and an ability to make them as economical as they can be while providing results
  • broad knowledge of laundry wash wheels in all shapes and sizes
  • the ability to program all processors and create formulas to get results
  • service experience to keep your equipment working like new

Depending on volumes, our service representative(s) would see you on a monthly basis. On these service visits, we check

  • all dispensers for calibration and correct operation
  • dish machine or wash wheel for mechanical issues
  • quality results
  • product inventory
  • product selection
We meet with management to discuss any issues, correct any problems, and look for opportunities to lower your costs. We thoroughly check the dish machine or wash wheel for any mechanical issues, and repair where we can, or notify the management staff where we can't. All of this is documented, and signed off by you, to your satisfaction, before we leave. Our motto is "The people that take care of you after the sale". Why don't you give us a call to let us meet and exceed your expectations, so we can live up to our motto? We are anxious to go to work for you.

Professional Supply
The People That Take Care
of You After The Sale!

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